BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastertests: Make mbo_cell_capa_update_pmf more robustJouni Malinen3 hours
pendingtests: Make mbo_cell_capa_update_pmf more robustJouni Malinen3 hours
android-mUpdate AP IE regardless WPA_DRIVER_FLAGS_BSS_SELECTION flagDmitry Shmidt3 years
android-lP2P: Clear the discovery state incase of deffered GO Neg responseJithu Jance4 years
android-kkUpdate AP IE regardless WPA_DRIVER_FLAGS_BSS_SELECTION flagDmitry Shmidt5 years
android-jbFix p2p service discoveryIrfan Sheriff6 years
aosp-kkAndroid: P2P: Fix restriction of GO channels on A-bandDmitry Shmidt6 years
aosp-jbAOSP: These files have been removed from AOSPJouni Malinen7 years
hostap_2_9hostap_2_9.zip  hostap_2_9.tar.gz  hostap_2_9.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen12 days
hostap_2_8hostap_2_8.zip  hostap_2_8.tar.gz  hostap_2_8.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen4 months
hostap_2_7hostap_2_7.zip  hostap_2_7.tar.gz  hostap_2_7.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen9 months
hostap_2_6hostap_2_6.zip  hostap_2_6.tar.gz  hostap_2_6.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen3 years
hostap_2_5hostap_2_5.zip  hostap_2_5.tar.gz  hostap_2_5.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen4 years
hostap_2_4hostap_2_4.zip  hostap_2_4.tar.gz  hostap_2_4.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen4 years
hostap_2_3hostap_2_3.zip  hostap_2_3.tar.gz  hostap_2_3.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen5 years
hostap_2_2hostap_2_2.zip  hostap_2_2.tar.gz  hostap_2_2.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen5 years
hostap_2_1hostap_2_1.zip  hostap_2_1.tar.gz  hostap_2_1.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen6 years
aosp-kk-from-upstreamaosp-kk-from-upstream.zip  aosp-kk-from-upstream.tar.gz  aosp-kk-from-upstream.tar.bz2  Jouni Malinen6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 hourstests: Make mbo_cell_capa_update_pmf more robustHEADpendingmasterJouni Malinen1-0/+1
3 hourstests: sigma_dut and initial UOSC with TOD-STRICT/TOFUJouni Malinen1-4/+67
3 hoursOpenSSL: Write peer certificate chain details in debug logJouni Malinen1-35/+34
26 hourstests: ap_wpa2_eap_too_many_roundtrips to use shorter fragmentJouni Malinen1-1/+1
26 hoursEAP: Increase the maximum number of message exchangesJouni Malinen4-2/+38
26 hourstests: Update authsrv_oom match changed implementationJouni Malinen1-0/+3
26 hoursEAP server: Use struct eap_config to avoid duplicated definitionsJouni Malinen26-637/+486
2 daystests: Vendor EAP method in Phase 2Jouni Malinen3-0/+36
2 daysEAP-TEAP peer: Support vendor EAP method in Phase 2Jouni Malinen3-16/+37
2 daysEAP-PEAP server: Support vendor EAP types in Phase 2Jouni Malinen1-13/+28