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From: Tim Newsham (newsham_at_lava.net)
Date: 2001-12-14 19:40:40 UTC


    I just started playing with the hostap driver. I'm primarily interested in the driver because it constructs and sends management frames, and it has an exposed interface for sending frames from userland.

So far I'm having no luck using this API however. I try constructing a frame with a hfa384x_tx_frame header on it, then writing it down through the PRISM2_MONITOR_GROUP netlink socket. The send() returns success, but the driver fails to write out a frame, instead getting a TX exception:

  wlan0: TXEXC - fid=0x0124 - status=0x0008 ([FormErr]) tx_control=0d0c

     retry_count=10 tx_rate=11 fc=0x0008 (Data::0)
     addr1=c5:34:db:04:b8:68 addr2=c0:cd:5c:d6:92:a5 addr3=2c:81:ed:8e:c3:17
  Could not find STA for this TX error

I assume this is because the firmware finds the frame to be unacceptable. So my question is, how can I use this interface to send frames through the driver?

I've tried both with and without PRISM2_MONITOR_PACKET_INJECT defined in the driver.

(btw, is there any reason the AP was implemented in the driver itself rather than as a userland program? I would think that development would be easier if it was possible to develop AP functionality in a userland program).

Tim N.

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