Re: What is psuedo IBSS? & iBook connection problem.

From: Pedro Estrela (
Date: 2001-12-18 04:21:52 UTC

pseudo IBSS is an ad-hoc mode proprietary by prism2 chips that is not compatible with either 802.11 managed mode or 802.11 adhoc mode. by your descripton, look at the iBook side for the option to make it connect to a standard 802.11 AP; it's NOT adhoc, peer-to-pear, etc. On the laptop side, make sure debug is enabled (file prism2_wlan.h, at the end), then look at the output from /var/log/messages.

> I have installed the Host AP driver on a compaq P75 laptop running
> SuSE 7.3, kernel version 2.4.10. The driver loads without error,
> but I cannot get an iBook with it's built-in Airport card to
> connect. If I set the wlan0 interface to "master" (ie:AP?) the
yes, "master" == hostAP

> essid shows up in the iBook's list of networks in range, but gives
this is good.

> a "there was an error joining the selected Airport network." As I
look for any other debug messages/logs, both from the client and the AP.

> don't have any other wireless lan cards to test, I don't know where
> the problem is, if the cards just will not talk to each other, or
> if I need to configure the Linux wlan interface a bit differently.

> So I am reading the documentation for the driver and see mention of
> a psuedo ibss mode. What is this? When I enable it, the only
> difference is the green blinking light on the wlan card goes solid
> green. Any ideas on what the lights on the card should be doing for
> the different modes?
> By the way, the card is a Zcomax XI-300.

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