OT: Re: ISA Adaptor and DLINK 650

From: Michael Codanti (michael_at_civis.com)
Date: 2001-12-18 19:03:25 UTC

> There has been a long-standing struggle with this card.


> I and others have attempted cursory modifications to the prism2 driver to
> force 3.3v onto it during setup for a PCMCIA adapter that didn't want to
> automagically supply it. I believe these efforts have been to no avail.
> But the card most certainly isn't Cardbus.

I know it's not cardbus, but it says right on the box that it will only work in a cardbus slot. The real question is what feature is it using from a cardbus slot that isn't on a standard 16-bit PCMCIA slot?

> I'd love to have something definitive regarding the situation and if there
> is any possible way to work with it like the "ignore_vcc" feature of the
> other driver.

I agree, some way to make it work would be great, but I don't know how much effort it is worth since there are other cards that are just as good for basiclly the same price.


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