Re: HostAP <> bridge (Atmel 76c510 specific)

Date: 2001-12-28 23:40:31 UTC

> Mark wrote:
> The Linksys WAP11 is not the unit to use for this. I know that the latest
> firmware is suppose to work in inferstructure mode, but it is not very stable
> and not very functional from all reports. (if anyone knows any different,
> please let me know) A real shame too. The units would be great to use for an
> 802.11 based WISP, everything about them is just right EXCEPT for the fact
> that they don't work!!! Heavy usage will cause them to bog down and have to
> be reset to get them going again.

I have two WAP11s and have had some lockup problems with both, but then again, I've been doing some pretty nasty SNMP testing on them. things do seem to have gotten a lot better since I put the 1.4g7 firmware on them (generic Atmel 76c510 code downloaded from SMC).

> The Linksys Bridge mode will only work between 2 linksys APs.

sadly this seems to be the case with most vendor implementations of bridging? or is there a 'standard?'

> I have heard of others loading different manufactures firmware on the things
> and having mixed results. Some wind up with dead APs (instant junk) and
> others comming up with a good working unit.

well, I've been a little scared to try the 1.4h series code - I've heard it breaks some aspects of the SNMP management (TX power configuration specifically). in AP mode, these products don't seem to have any useful per-client statistics, which sucks.

> Look at the Zcomax and Teletronics 11 meg APs. They do AP client
> (inferstructure) mode and work well.

so what you're saying, is that 'AP client' mode works with prism2_hostAP when used with a decent AP... nothing special, the prism2_hostap will talk to a ethernet network bridged through the AP client?

cool. this gives me a little more confidence in my current setup...

it seems as if the WAP11 AP client can not even get associated (I can't ping it's management IP from the wireless), and sniffers on both sides show no traffic.:(


> On Friday 28 December 2001 13:30, you wrote:
> > Please forgive my ignorance as I am new to this list, and have been unable
> > to find archives or a FAQ... (and I have scoured the 'net).
> >
> > Is it possible to get a Linux AP to talk to a 802.11 access-point device
> > running in 'bridge mode' or 'access point client' mode?
> >
> > I have been trying to get a Linksys WAP11 (Atmel 76c510 based - 1.4g7
> > firmware; same as SMC, NetGear, others) to talk to a Linux AP (both
> > prism2_hostAP and linux-wlan-0.1.8pre13-AP).
> >
> > I basically want to be able to connect several small ethernet workgroups
> > using WAP11's in 'bridge' or 'access point client' mode to a Linux AP.
> > I've got STA clients talking directly to the Linux AP no problem, so if
> > this is possible, I must be missing something.
> >
> >
> > Many thanks!
> > -keith
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> Mark Worstall
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