Re: Turning up the power?

From: Jim Thompson (
Date: 2002-01-01 08:34:10 UTC

Jouni Malinen writes:

> I've tested setting up CR31 (Manual TX Power Control) from prism2.o
> driver. This can be done using WriteMIF command. Actually, there is
> still code for reading the control registers in the driver (e.g.,
> 'iwpriv wlan0 readmif 62' reads the CR31).
> However, there is a problem that seems to prevent the driver from
> overriding the TX power. I have successfully set CR31 to some other
> value for couple of milliseconds, but something (I would guess MAC)
> reverts the change almost instantly. In order to control the TX power
> manually, this automatic setting should be disabled somehow (or it
> could be used, if MAC has a setting for TX power control). I haven't
> looked very closely into this, but this could require firmware
> changes..*&p_li=


    Firmware does not support TX Power Control.      �

    Does firmware support TX Power Control?      �
    Firmware does not currently support Tx Power Control; it will at some     time in the future, but this task is not currently schedule

There also seems to be some interaction with the PDAs.


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