Re: ISA Adaptor and DLINK 650

From: Olivier Berger (
Date: 2002-01-19 00:17:00 UTC

> Has anyone had any luck getting a Dlink 650 card to work in a ISA
> adaptor with the Prism2 Host driver ? The orinoco_cs drivers work,
> but you have to pass a ignore_vcc option in the config - is there a
> similar option for Prism2 ?

I use the DLink DRC-500 model (similar to DWL-500, I think, just marketing questions betw europe/US) which consists of a PCI to PCMCIA adapter and a standard DRC-650 PCMCIA card...

And this works well both with orinoco_cs in Ad-Hoc mode and prism2 in Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure (HostAP) modes.


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