Re: ISA Adaptor and DLINK 650

From: Erik Walthinsen (
Date: 2002-01-19 19:58:12 UTC

On 19 Jan 2002, Ian Goldberg wrote:

> > I think your problem is that the DWL-650 will only work in a cardbus
> > slot (says it right on the box) and that most ISA adapters are 16-bit
> Good thing I checked this list. What cards are known to work with ISA
> adapters? How about the Zoom Air 11 Mbps card?

As for PCMCIA cards that work in normal adaptors, almost all do. You can check for a list of Prism2 cards with various data, including the ones that require 3.3v (only the D-Link and Proxim cards, so far). Note that they are not CardBus, just PCMCIA cards that use 3.3v.

I've been hunting for ISA adaptors that do 3.3v, and am not having much luck so far. Most eBay sellers have no idea and aren't all that interested in checking, and I'm even having significant trouble trying to pierce technical sales of one company so I can get an answer to a rather basic question about their products...

I'll be putting up a Wiki node on, if there's interest I'll post the URL here when I get some info. It could be a while, though ;-(

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