Host AP questions

From: Bartlomiej Brzozowski (
Date: 2002-02-05 14:27:17 UTC

Hi all,

I've several question concerning AP - possible implementation cases. On Intersil page (knowledge base) I've found that there are 3 main solutions:

(1) Host_AP - is method where almost all of the 802.11b functions and
control is performed by software on Host CPU
(2) The firmware AP using Tertiary Code - method where all of the 802.11b
functions are performed on the transformed client card
(3) The firmware AP with native AP firmware and hardware design - uses
firmware that is specially created for AP functionality

1. What exactly do we need to implement on host side in cases above (1) to
(3), e.g. (2) need association, authentication, bridging ... what else ?
2. Intersil say that Host_AP needs at lest 486 100Mhz CPU is it true ?

    What need so much power because I don't think that association, auth and so on need so much.

    In that case is this solution suitable to embedded solution with not much power CPU ?
3. Do firmware support MAC, PHY MIBs (e.g. Tertiary Code) and e.g. SNMP Agent ? or we have to do this on Host ?
4. Do other MAC controllers not PRISM kind have Host_AP mode ? e.g. TI ACX100 ?
5. What solutions (3) do you know (chipsets) ? Intersil say about 1148A reference design but no info had been found 6. Is there any bridging support in Tertiary Code, if so, what kind of ? 7. Has anybody some functional diagrams, state or flow, of the particular firmware ?


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