Re: Troubles with connecting Windows client and with the bridging.

From: Olivier Berger (
Date: 2002-02-11 21:07:20 UTC

"Dmitri Gofmekler" <> writes:

> The card was recognized and initialized. In Windows based PC is installed
> the same WL200 card with the latest drivers got from Compaq.
> If I turn (using /etc/pcmcia/wireless.conf and iwconfig scheme <scheme>
> command) info the AdHoc mode, the Windows client (configured for
> 802.11b AdHoc mode) is able to connect and ping linux station. If linux is
> configured in "Managed" or "Master" mode and Windows - in
> "Infrastructure" mode - nothing happens. Is there any success stroies with
> Linux software AP and Compaq WL200 cards? Can someone point me
> to the right way?

Maybe you should disable WEP encryption on windows when Linux is running in AP emulation ?

Hope this helps.


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