Re: Progress on WEP in HostAP mode?

From: Benedikt 'Hunz' Heinz (
Date: 2002-02-20 01:08:13 UTC

Howard Leaky wrote:
> Is anyone working on modifications to the HostAP driver to support WEP?
> Jouni mentioned earlier ( that
> someone may already have something working, but the source code hasn't been
> released. Does anyone know more?

well i implemented the hostWEP feature of the prism2 what means the kernel decrypts the unmodified payloads including IV and ICV from the prism2
receiving works fine but my encode-function doesn't yet calculate the ICV correctly - therefor tx doesn't yet work :( but i tried rx in HostAP-mode and it worked quite fine i don't know wether the card can en/decrypt itself in accesspointmode but since my card (dwl650) only has 40bit wep and i didn't want to look for another firmware i used hostwep
but hostwep-mode is to much devel at this point since TX doesn't work (see above - ICV) and i've support for one rx-key only but the speed is really fine - my GHz athlon does more than 71500 crypts per second with some modifications

by the way:
can inject and monitoring-mode be combined? so is this a driver-specific problem that monitoring is not possible durcing inject or is this a hardware-problem?

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