Re: Implemeneting PCF for an access point

From: Jim Thompson (
Date: 2002-04-03 05:45:38 UTC

Chris Edwards writes:
> Hi,
> I'm part of a team which is hopefully developing an implementation of
> PCF for an access point, using linux drivers. So far we've been unable
> to confirm whether the prism chipset(s) support this,

They appear to when using the terniary f/w.

> and obviously we have no documentation on how to do so.

So why not get the Isil driver documentation?

> I was wondering whether anyone had tried, and whether anyone could
> confirm if it's possible or not.

it looks possible to do in s/w

> Anything we produce will obviously be released under the GPL, as it will
> be based upon the existing access point drivers.

Any reason to not leverage the hostap driver?

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