hostap_plx to Belkin hardware AP communication does not work?

From: Tanvir Hassan (
Date: 2002-05-01 07:39:10 UTC


I have built hostap_plx.o with my 2.4.18 SMP kernel and the module seems to find my Belkin PC card in a PCI card combo (F5D6020 + F5D6000). I then execute the bridge commands as mentioned in the web page (NOTE: I had to ifconfig both my eth0 and wlan0 to PROMISCOUS mode to make things work right). I can then have a laptop with another (F5D6020) Belkin PC card find the hostap_plx machine and get access to both my wired and wireless networks. Beautiful! Great work Jouni!

But, if I hook a laptop up to a Belkin WAP (F5D60130) via a crossover cable and set the SSID in both the WAP and hostap to the same 8 character name and they both use the same channel, the laptop is not able to ping anything else in the network except the WAP. It seems the WAP is NOT communicating with the hostap and no bridging is happening.

The Belkin AP has the latest firmware (1.4g.8) and the PC Cards also seem to have the latest firmware (0.83).

Is there something I am forgetting to do?


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