problems with 05-16

From: David Levitan (
Date: 2002-05-18 23:42:56 UTC

I'm having problems with 05-16 version of hostap_cs. The previous version (05-02) works well. First system specs: Dual 450 Celeron, 512MB RAM, Antec PCI->PCMCIA bridge Kernel 2.4.18 with XFS, freeswan, and sensors patches Redhat 7.1
pcmcia-cs 3.1.33
Proxim RangeLAN-DS PC Card on the server Encryption is not enabled
Power saving is not enabled
MAC address control is not enabled

Client is a P2-233 Windows 2000 Notebook with an SMC 2632W card

Everything worked fine before I installed 05-16. With 05-16, pings go through without a problem (including a flood ping - 0% packet loss for ~100,000 packets). TCP connections also open, but no data transfer can happen. For example, an nmap scan of the client from the server works, but connectiong from the client to the server's web server does not work. The server is also doing NAT, no connections happen there either. DNS also does not work. SMB connection from the server to the client sometimes even gets to the password stage (after several seconds, much slower than accessing a wired client), but always fails in the end. All of these services do work with a wired client of the server. Association happens without a problem, DHCP works, but everything after that does not work. Any idea what the problem is?
David Levitan

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