Re: Return-To

From: Brian Capouch (
Date: 2002-05-19 18:46:14 UTC

David Levitan wrote:
> Can you tell the mailing list software to add a Return-To address going
> to the list? I keep forgetting to hit reply all instead of reply (all of
> my other mailing lists use the reply-to)
> Thanks,
> David Levitan

IMNSHO, the way this list does it is vastly better than the alternative.

Perhaps its just my "usage patterns," but I am forever replying to someone's post (particularly on the isp-wireless group) with the intent being to comment privately or ask a side question, etc., and then being aghast later on when my mail has been sent to 10,000 people.

My vote would be for leaving things the way they are; to me it's a lot more intuitive to ask myself as I hit reply, "Hmm, would I want this then to go to everone else?" and if so then I use the Reply all function.

The "gotcha" syndrome is particularly critical for those of us who sometimes shoot from the hip, and then find we didn't quite get the gun out of the holster :-)


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