Re: Host AP driver - stable branch

From: David L. Sifry (
Date: 2002-05-20 04:14:31 UTC


I think this is a great idea.


On Sat, 2002-05-18 at 23:48, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> It is starting to look like large portion of Host AP driver users are
> not using the driver only for development/experimenting purposes
> anymore. In addition, the driver has quite complete feature set for
> many environments. Thus, there might be benefits from a version that
> would be more stable, but would not have all latest features. In other
> words, there might be use for stable branch.
> If stable branch is seen useful, I could start one from the next
> development release version (which will hopefully come out soon due to
> the bugs in the 2002-05-16 release). The development branch releases
> would continue like before and stable branch would get only bug fixes
> and minor changes (like added manfids for new cards, etc.). This would
> hopefully make things easier for everyone. Development releases would
> not require less testing from me since breaking something would not be
> such a problem in development branch and those requiring more stable
> driver could get the latest version from the stable branch.
> Do you find this useful? Do you have any comments or ideas to improve
> this kind of development/stable branch concept for Host AP driver?
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