Re: 802.1x support?

From: Jim Thompson (
Date: 2002-05-30 16:30:12 UTC

Lei chuanhua writes:
> Hi, all,
> I just checked cisco web site, and found its aironet supports 802.1x and EAP with dynamic or static WEP key. I have the following questions.
> 802.1X authentication mode:
> wireless client <====> AP <=======> Authentication Server(Radius)

> Where, AP support EAP and WEP. When AS authenticated wireless
> client successfully. Wireless client will get one session key (
> called unicast WEP key)from AS, also AS will send the same
> session key to the AP. But AP has still broadcast WEP key. cisco
> document said. AP will encrypt broadcast WEP key using session
> key, and wireless client will decrypt broadcast WEP key using
> session key. Now wireless client also has broadcast WEP key.
> 1.How to distinguish unicast WEP key and broadcast WEP key?
> Broadcast WEP keys just encrypt /decrypt broadcast/multicast
> package and unicast WEP keys just encrypt/decrypt unicast
> packet?


> 2. Does prism2/2.5/3.0 station firmware 802.1X? If not, we can
> implement it using software completely?

software completely.

> 3. HostAP can support 802.1x or will support 802.1X?

requires a few trivial changes to the hostap driver.

> Any help or suggestion will be apprieciated!

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