Re: PLX vs Ricoh

From: Michael Codanti (
Date: 2002-05-30 23:32:39 UTC

> I would like to try to put more than one Demarc
> 100mW PCMCIA card into a PC as an AP. I want to do this
> on the PCI bus but I'm not sure if there are PCI/PCMCIA
> adapters that HostAP will work with.

A PCI/PCMCIA adapter just puts a PCMCIA (or CardBus) slot off of your PCI bus. So HostAP just works with them as it would with a laptop.

> I've seen that the PLX chipset is supported, but I don't
> know if there are any PLX based PCMCIA adapter cards
> or if this is even possible.

PLX adapters are specific for the PC Card

> I assume that the PCI/PCMCIA adapter cards do not need
> card services (which would be a nice thing).

You still have to run card services because it is just a PCMCIA slot, it isn't magically turning your card into a PCI one.

(At least this is what I understand)


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