Re: PLX vs Ricoh

From: Pavel Roskin (
Date: 2002-05-31 19:24:25 UTC

Hi, Kristian!

> Slightly off topic, but, this has been the my biggest headache. The SBCs
> we want to use are too old and don't work with the Richo PCI-PCMCIA
> bridges. Are you, or anyone else, aware of another PCI-PCMCIA bridge that
> doesn't have this problem?

Before you go shopping, make sure you are not using PCMCIA support in the kernel (it's very incomplete), get the latest version of pcmcia-cs, compile it against the kernel without PCMCIA support, and make sure that the i82365 module actually gets the "irq_mode=0" parameter.

i82365 from pcmcia-cs supports all bridges I could test - Texas Instruments, Ricoh and ToPIC97, both on desktop systems and laptops. The only problem is the you have to supply irq_mode=0 for PCI bridges and irq_mode=1 for laptops - the autoprobing still doesn't work correctly. But the same applies to other bridges.

Pavel Roskin

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