Re: 2 strikes.. one to go... pci card recomendation

From: John Fulmer (
Date: 2002-09-03 15:13:08 UTC

> On Fri, 30 Aug 2002 wrote:
> > alright. I've got two strikes on me. First of all my dlink 520 won't work
> > with my old machine.

I'm going to assume when you say 'old', you really mean that your system doesn't support PCI v2.2.

I would make sure of that, however. I had problems putting a D-Link 520 (which is discontinued, so hopefully we'll see them being closed out cheaply) in a Duron-based system last weekend and in looking at the Linux bootup messages, thought it only supported PCI v2.1. It turned out that the video was using the same IRQ as the D-Link card and the hostap PCI driver is VERY sensitive to IRQ conflicts, and the D-Link card will not even show up in lspci if it conflicts with another device. A good check is if the green LED lights on the card after the system boots. If yes, then it may be an interrupt conflict and you should try putting the card in another PCI slot. If not, then it's a PCI v2.2 problem.


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