hostapd_iface Struct Reference

hostapd per-interface data structure More...

#include <hostapd.h>

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Data Fields

char * config_fname
hostapd_iface_cb setup_cb
size_t num_bss
hostapd_data ** bss
int num_ap
ap_info * ap_list
ap_info * ap_hash [STA_HASH_SIZE]
ap_info * ap_iter_list
hostapd_hw_modes * hw_features
int num_hw_features
hostapd_hw_modes * current_mode
int num_rates
hostapd_rate_data * current_rates
hostapd_iface_cb hw_mode_sel_cb
u16 hw_flags
int num_sta_non_erp
int num_sta_no_short_slot_time
int num_sta_no_short_preamble
int olbc
int dfs_enable
u8 pwr_const
unsigned int tx_power
unsigned int sta_max_power
unsigned int channel_switch
hostapd_iface_cb reload_iface_cb
hostapd_iface_cb config_reload_cb

Detailed Description

hostapd per-interface data structure

Definition at line 189 of file hostapd.h.

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