Prism2 Linux module

From: Aaron Longfield (
Date: 2002-01-08 22:39:25 UTC


I'm trying to get the prism module to work under Linux. I am using kernel v2.2.17 with wireless extensions enabled and pcmcia-cs 3.1.29 on a heavily modified Redhat 6.2.

Problem I am having is that the module loads, but no entry is made in /proc and no network interface is created, so ifconfig and iwconfig don't show anything for it. I've tried with several devices: Cisco Aironet 340, Neatgear MA401, Proxim Rangelan DS, and Lucent WaveLAN Silver.

Not sure if there's anything else to do, but I don't see any more to try. Do I have to do more than insmod the object? It loads, and drops a kernel message in dmesg with author info and such, but nothing about the module finding hardware.


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