Re: Prism2 Linux module

From: G.Richard Raab (
Date: 2002-01-09 16:21:59 UTC

Howdy Aaron,

        If you open up your cards, you will see that Lucent uses phillips chips. If I recall correctly, so does Cisco. I would assume that Neargear and Proxim are not using Intersil. If you do open them, please let us know what they are. BTW, opening these are very easy. Most have a metal wrapper that is crimps.

> Problem I am having is that the module loads, but no entry is made in /proc
> and no network interface is created, so ifconfig and iwconfig don't show
> anything for it. I've tried with several devices: Cisco Aironet 340,
> Neatgear MA401, Proxim Rangelan DS, and Lucent WaveLAN Silver.


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