Re(2): Using this driver in PLX mode?

From: Rönnblom Janåke /Teknous (
Date: 2002-01-09 09:53:32 UTC skriver:
>At least I haven't heard of anyone getting this completed yet. I know
>that there is some work being done for PCI resource allocation, but

Do you know who is doing the work for PCI resource allocation? Is it by any chance you?

This driver wouldn't need the pcmcia_cs package then?
>I would probably start from orinoco_plx. However, I do not happen to
>have any PLX cards, so I'm not that interested on this yet. Anyway,
>clean patch to make this work (or a PLX card ;-) would be welcome.

I have a spare IBM Wireless PCI (prism 2.5 i think) laying around...

This is a PCI card not PLX however.

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