Re: Changes from OpenAP

From: Keith Heinemann (
Date: 2002-01-25 21:30:14 UTC

> If someone has any ideas or comments about AP-AP links, they would be
> welcome. My current driver uses kind of pseudo ad-hoc mode (i.e., no
> ToDS or FromDS flags (and only 3 addresses) in frames between
> APs). OpenAP uses four addresses, but in a way that is not compatible
> with 802.11 standards.

so AP-AP communication is possible with HostAP as it stands? Is it possible then to bridge wireless between two APs without an ethernet? Ie: have a HostAP use wireless for it's backbone connection? (sorry if this has been asked a billion times already :)

if the above wireless-wireless bridging isn't availble, would it be possible to simulate it via proxy arp, ethernet frame grabber, masquerading, redirection? ...STA roaming is not critical in my application. I don't like the idea of proprietary 802.11 mesh either, but the idea of a single $250 USR2450 (or some other embedded system) providing AP and repeater functions (or just being an AP and a client of another AP at the same time) ...for our wireless co-op this is very appealing.

many thanks for all your great work on this project!

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