Re: Changes from OpenAP

From: Scott Wiles (
Date: 2002-01-26 05:45:54 UTC

We did some tests meshing Cisco AP's. One AP is in 'root' mode, the others are 'slaved' to it.

We compared performance with a station connected directly to a root mode AP versus a station connected to a slaved AP, which communicated to the root AP, which bridged to the wireline network.

Throughput for the station degraded about 50% when connecting via the slave AP when compared to the root AP. As only one radio can 'talk' at a time in infrastructure mode, the slave AP would have to stop listening to the station and transmit the data to root AP.

We went with bridge radios in a point to point configuration to connect to our distant AP's. We used different SSID's and frequencies, and connected the remote AP to the remote bridge via 10 Base T.

This allowed the AP to use all the time-slices talking to clients, and the bridge to do its thing. Obviously, there are additional costs in radios and frequencies, but performance was significantly better.

Scott Wiles

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