ANN: Prism2.5 PCI HostAP support

From: Reyk Floeter (
Date: 2002-02-21 14:14:53 UTC


i've just started a patched HostAP- driver on a prism2.5 pci- card and it was possible to associate from a station running linux-wlan-ng. the driver is based on the HostAP- driver version "Prism2-2002-02-13", but it's a little bit different, because i had to rewrite some some stuff to get Prism2 PCMCIA *and* Prism2.5 PCI support. i hope, this isn't a big problem...

there were some problems with setting and getting the registers of the prism2.5 card, but after replacing some code of the HostAP- driver it seems to work (a bit).

but there're still *some important things* to do:

if you're **very brave**, you can try the driver by downloading it from (currenlty Prism2.5-HostAP-2002-02-21.tar.gz). after unpacking it, you just have to edit the Makefile to fit your needs and type "make all install"... i want to provide a simple patch against Jouni's driver later, but first it has to be more stable.

NEVERTHELESS: **DON'T TRY IT NOW**! this is just an announcement of the coming prism2.5 pci hostap- support, not a release...


(ooh, i want to speak english a better way...)

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