Re: ANN: Prism2.5 PCI HostAP support

From: Keith Heinemann (
Date: 2002-02-21 19:01:04 UTC

Reyk Floeter wrote:
> hi!
> i've just started a patched HostAP- driver on a prism2.5 pci- card
> and it was possible to associate from a station running
> linux-wlan-ng. the driver is based on the HostAP- driver version
> "Prism2-2002-02-13", but it's a little bit different, because i had to
> rewrite some some stuff to get Prism2 PCMCIA *and* Prism2.5 PCI
> support. i hope, this isn't a big problem...
> there were some problems with setting and getting the registers of the
> prism2.5 card, but after replacing some code of the HostAP- driver it
> seems to work (a bit).
> but there're still *some important things* to do:
> - an unload of the module prism2hostap_pci is followed by
> kernel panic... (ooops).
> - most of the network connections fail. this seems to be a
> problem of the ap- stuff and it's compatibility. i try to
> fix it. (it's very strange: ping and some http- connections
> work, but ssh, ftp and lot of other protocols fail).

This sounds (to me) very much like problems I've been having with a Linksys WMP11 (prism2.5 PCI) card using the linux-wlan-ng drivers. it's weird... initially every thing works pretty well. pings and telnets are okay, but ftp transfers will hang and never resume. It seems many have had this problem with the Linksys card under linux-wlan-ng. perhaps it works differently then the pcmcia's somehow...

anyway, very excited to see PCI support coming :) thankyou!

> - managed mode doen't work correctly.
> - the reorganized PCMCIA- stuff is currently broken, this
> should be no problem to fix (it worked some hours ago...)
> if you're **very brave**, you can try the driver by downloading it from
> (currenlty Prism2.5-HostAP-2002-02-21.tar.gz). after unpacking it, you
> just have to edit the Makefile to fit your needs and type "make all
> install"... i want to provide a simple patch against Jouni's driver
> later, but first it has to be more stable.
> NEVERTHELESS: **DON'T TRY IT NOW**! this is just an announcement of
> the coming prism2.5 pci hostap- support, not a release...
> reyk
> (ooh, i want to speak english a better way...)
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