HostAP and Bridge problems

From: penny (
Date: 2002-05-10 16:20:58 UTC


Can anybody share the exprence of bridge the HostAP to wired network? I have intall the HostAP and assign as "wlan0 ", and I have another wired interface " eth0" When I start bridging by
./brctl addbr br0
./brctl addif br0 eth0
./brctl addif br0 wlan0

ifconfig wlan0
ifconfig eth0
ifconfig br0 up

when I ping from wireless client to wired host , the trip time is as slow as 15 sec. I think this is because the bridge utility have default forward delay 15 sec, so I use " ./brctl setfd br0 0 "to disable the forward delay, but the ping return is still 15 sec.... then I use " ./brctl showstp br0 " to check the bridge information , and it shows like below:

 bridge id 8000.00508bd07a8f
 designated root 8000.000143e21429
 root port 1 path cost 100
 max age 20.00 bridge max age 20.00  hello time 2.00 bridge hello time 2.00  forward delay 15.00 bridge forward delay 0.00

the "bridge forward delay" is changed from 15 to 0 but "forward delay" is still 15...
it this the problem that cause the slow ping? Can someone tell me how to diable the forward delay correctly... or someone can share the success story with me?
 thanks sincerely                                    from   clkao

 ageing time   300.00   gc interval     4.00
 hello timer     0.00   tcn timer     0.00
 topology change timer    0.00   gc timer     2.56

eth0 (1)
 port id 8001 state forwarding
 designated root 8000.000143e21429 path cost 100  designated bridge 8000.000143e21429 message age timer 0.97  designated port 802a forward delay timer 0.00  designated cost 0 hold timer 0.00  flags

wlan0 (2)
 port id 8002 state forwarding
 designated root 8000.000143e21429 path cost 100  designated bridge 8000.00508bd07a8f message age timer 0.00  designated port 8002 forward delay timer 0.00  designated cost 100 hold timer 0.97  flags    

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