Host AP or use another driver ?

Date: 2002-05-22 09:11:32 UTC


I just bought a couple NetGear MA301/MA401 combos (PLX w/ Prism), and have been playing a little with it, trying to find the driver that works the best, and gives me the best features. In the end, my plan is to run my home mailserver etc as a WLAN router.

There currently exists 3 drivers:
Host AP
Orinoco_plx (from kernel, also for individual download).

I have had different success rates. All drivers can detect my card, but iwconfig gives me errors on all. I had just one driver version etc that worked. Linux-wlan-NG seems to be the worst right now.

Host AP seems promising, as it actually dumps some packets with no ToDS in /var/log/messages, and the source MAC address is right. So this driver will do something right.

What are the differences and advantages in each driver ? Which one should I pick ? I might put some energy into trying to play with the source, moving features from driver to the other. I don�t have much kernel module or driver coding experience though.

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