Re: Host AP or use another driver ?

From: Pavel Roskin (
Date: 2002-05-22 18:07:15 UTC


I suggest that you get the latest versions of all 3 drivers and write detailed reports about your problems to the corresponding mailing lists ( for Orinoco, for linux-wlan-ng, this list for HostAP).

My personal opinion is that linux-wlan-ng is too complicated and not quite compatible with wireless extensions - it has its own configuration utilities. You should pick it if you want to do something advanced with your card, especially if you want to tweak all parameters of the card.

HostAP is the best choice if you are interested in access point functionality. It fully supports wireless extensions and works quite well for me in all modes. It's not quite polished, but is getting there.

Orinoco is a simple driver, well integrated with the kernel and pcmcia-cs. It's probably the best choice if you want to use your card as a station or in the ad-hoc mode.

> What are the differences and advantages in each driver ? Which one should I
> pick ? I might put some energy into trying to play with the source, moving
> features from driver to the other. I don�t have much kernel module or driver
> coding experience though.

If you give all the details, you might get patches that you would apply and test. It doesn't require understanding how the kernel works. The solution may be right around the corner, but your help is essential.

Pavel Roskin

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