Problem with WEP in Ad-Hoc mode

From: TB Lin (
Date: 2002-05-29 17:39:38 UTC

Hi there,

I'm having some problem using this driver with encryption enabled in Ad-Hoc mode, the wireless nic is in my linux box configured to do NAT so that I can use the internet from my laptops. The problem is if I enable encryption, my laptops will only work for about 5 minutes, after that no IP packet can go through even it seems like the wireless connection is still up (the little config program in the windows system tray is green rather then red), and on the linux side, something like 'tx timeout' shows up in dmesg. If I turn off encryption, everything works just fine all day long. I tried different channels/encryption keys and etc, and the problem is consistent. Also tried 2 laptops, one Dell Latitude running Win2K w/ Dlink card + driver, one sony VAIO which has built in Orinoco card + driver, running WinXP Pro, both have the same problem, so I suspect the problem is likely on the linux side.

I'm really green on this, could anybody tell me how to debug this problem? what /proc file, log file should I look at? what command I can use to turn on some trace/debug output? Do I need to update firmware? Anybody have similiar problem or better yet fixes?

Some more detail about my setup:
HP Brio P-233/MMX + 96M ram + ... + DWL-500 (a DWL-650 PCMCIA card + Ricoh cardbus PCI adapter), had to use pci=biosirq to make the adapter work. debian woody + custom kernel + hostap 2002_05_02 driver. Ad-Hoc mode

dell latitude, 384M ram
DWL-650 w/ latest dlink driver downloaded from their site. 802.11 Ad-Hoc mode

sony vaio srx-77p 256M ram, bulit-in orinoco card + stock winxp driver.

Please help. and thanks for the good work on this driver and this list, really appreciate it.

btw, does anybody know if there's a debian package for this driver?

--Li Lin

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