Using hostap_cs with prism 2.5 based card

From: blade (
Date: 2002-05-30 15:57:29 UTC

I am trying to use the latest release of hostap with a Mikrotik prism 2.5 based 200mW card and RH 7.2, and it will bridge and route ICMP (pings) but very intermittently will it perform TCP functions (http). It is not a signal issue, each end is reporting ~ - 25dBm. I am trying to interoperate with Lucent cards. Association is instant and all clients show up in iwspy with good signal. Its intermittency hints at maybe a buffer issue or something in the hostap driver (but im no hardware programmer). Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a way to debug on a lower level than protocol? (i am using tcpdump to monitor traffic on bridge and clients). Note: we have used the same machine with a DLINK pci prism card and it was fully functional in AP mode. Hope this question hasnt already come up! (then again...)

Jeff Meden
Systems Operations
QuickNet, Inc. - Columbus, OH

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