Re: Lucent Orinoco with hostap 02-05-19

From: Pavel Roskin (
Date: 2002-06-12 15:10:23 UTC

Hi, Martin!

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Martin Whitlock wrote:

> I suddenly noticed that my linux clients with orinoco gold cards got kernel
> panic when connented to a hostap v2002-05-19. Since I knew that I've used
> orinoco cards as clients before I started backtrace to find the time when
> the problem occured, and I had to succesively downgrade to hostap
> v2002-04-21 to get rid of it.

Even if hostap is doing something wrong, it should be impossible to crash orinoco_cs remotely. wvlan_cs is obsolete, so it's less an issue, but you can report its crash as well.

Please make sure you have orinoco_cs 0.11b (pcmcia-cs-3.1.34 includes it), make the kernel crash and decode the log by ksymoops. If the system panics and doesn't save the backtrace, please use serial console, run "dmesg -n 8" to enable all kernel output on the console and capture it in the terminal. For more details please read Documentation/oops-tracing.txt in the Linux sources.

Then send the backtrace processed by ksymoops to Please write in plain text, not in HTML (check settings of Outlook). Also include the exact versions of the kernel, pcmcia-cs and wireless tools. Write if PCMCIA support is enabled in the kernel.

Once it's clear why orinoco_cs crashes, it may explain what is wrong in HostAP.

Pavel Roskin

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