wpa_scan_result Struct Reference

Scan results. More...

#include <driver.h>

Data Fields

u8 bssid [ETH_ALEN]
u8 ssid [32]
size_t ssid_len
u8 wpa_ie [SSID_MAX_WPA_IE_LEN]
size_t wpa_ie_len
u8 rsn_ie [SSID_MAX_WPA_IE_LEN]
size_t rsn_ie_len
int freq
u16 caps
int qual
int noise
int level
int maxrate

Detailed Description

Scan results.

bssid BSSID
ssid SSID
ssid_len length of the ssid
wpa_ie WPA IE
wpa_ie_len length of the wpa_ie
rsn_ie RSN IE
rsn_ie_len length of the RSN IE
freq frequency of the channel in MHz (e.g., 2412 = channel 1)
caps capability information field in host byte order
qual signal quality
noise noise level
level signal level
maxrate maximum supported rate
This structure is used as a generic format for scan results from the driver. Each driver interface implementation is responsible for converting the driver or OS specific scan results into this format.

Definition at line 56 of file driver.h.

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