wpa_supplicant File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
aes.c [code]AES (Rijndael) cipher
aes.h [code]AES functions
aes_wrap.c [code]AES-based functions
aes_wrap.h [code]AES-based functions
asn1.c [code]ASN.1 DER parsing
asn1.h [code]ASN.1 DER parsing
asn1_test.c [code]Testing tool for ASN.1/X.509v3 routines
base64.c [code]Base64 encoding/decoding (RFC1341)
base64.h [code]Base64 encoding/decoding (RFC1341)
bignum.c [code]Big number math
bignum.h [code]Big number math
build_config.h [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd - Build time configuration defines
common.c [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd / common helper functions, etc
common.h [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd / common helper functions, etc
config.c [code]WPA Supplicant / Configuration parser and common functions
config.h [code]WPA Supplicant / Configuration file structures
config_file.c [code]WPA Supplicant / Configuration backend: text file
config_none.c [code]WPA Supplicant / Configuration backend: empty starting point
config_ssid.h [code]WPA Supplicant / Network configuration structures
config_types.h [code]Hostapd / Shared configuration file defines
config_winreg.c [code]WPA Supplicant / Configuration backend: Windows registry
crypto.c [code]WPA Supplicant / wrapper functions for libcrypto
crypto.h [code]WPA Supplicant / wrapper functions for crypto libraries
crypto_cryptoapi.c [code]WPA Supplicant / Crypto wrapper for Microsoft CryptoAPI
crypto_gnutls.c [code]WPA Supplicant / wrapper functions for libgcrypt
crypto_internal.c [code]WPA Supplicant / Crypto wrapper for internal crypto implementation
crypto_libtomcrypt.c [code]WPA Supplicant / Crypto wrapper for LibTomCrypt (for internal TLSv1)
crypto_none.c [code]WPA Supplicant / Empty template functions for crypto wrapper
ctrl_iface.c [code]WPA Supplicant / Control interface (shared code for all backends)
ctrl_iface.h [code]WPA Supplicant / UNIX domain socket -based control interface
ctrl_iface_dbus.c [code]WPA Supplicant / dbus-based control interface
ctrl_iface_dbus.h [code]WPA Supplicant / dbus-based control interface
ctrl_iface_dbus_handlers.c [code]WPA Supplicant / dbus-based control interface
ctrl_iface_dbus_handlers.h [code]WPA Supplicant / dbus-based control interface
ctrl_iface_named_pipe.c [code]WPA Supplicant / Windows Named Pipe -based control interface
ctrl_iface_udp.c [code]WPA Supplicant / UDP socket -based control interface
ctrl_iface_unix.c [code]WPA Supplicant / UNIX domain socket -based control interface
dbus_dict_helpers.c [code]WPA Supplicant / dbus-based control interface
dbus_dict_helpers.h [code]WPA Supplicant / dbus-based control interface
defs.h [code]WPA Supplicant - Common definitions
des.c [code]DES and 3DES-EDE ciphers
driver.h [code]WPA Supplicant - driver interface definition
driver_atmel.c [code]WPA Supplicant - Driver interaction with Atmel Wireless LAN drivers
driver_broadcom.c [code]WPA Supplicant - driver interaction with Broadcom wl.o driver
driver_bsd.c [code]WPA Supplicant - driver interaction with BSD net80211 layer
driver_hostap.c [code]WPA Supplicant - driver interaction with Linux Host AP driver
driver_hostap.h [code]WPA Supplicant - driver interaction with Linux Host AP driver
driver_ipw.c [code]WPA Supplicant - driver interaction with Linux ipw2100/2200 drivers
driver_madwifi.c [code]WPA Supplicant - driver interaction with MADWIFI 802.11 driver
driver_ndis.c [code]WPA Supplicant - Windows/NDIS driver interface
driver_ndis.h [code]WPA Supplicant - Windows/NDIS driver interface
driver_ndis_.c [code]WPA Supplicant - Windows/NDIS driver interface - event processing
driver_ndiswrapper.c [code]WPA Supplicant - driver interaction with Linux ndiswrapper
driver_prism54.c [code]WPA Supplicant - driver interaction with Linux Prism54.org driver
driver_test.c [code]WPA Supplicant - testing driver interface
driver_wext.c [code]WPA Supplicant - driver interaction with generic Linux Wireless Extensions
driver_wext.h [code]WPA Supplicant - driver_wext exported functions
driver_wired.c [code]WPA Supplicant - wired Ethernet driver interface
drivers.c [code]WPA Supplicant / driver interface list
eap.c [code]EAP peer state machines (RFC 4137)
eap.h [code]EAP peer state machine functions (RFC 4137)
eap_aka.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-AKA (RFC 4187)
eap_defs.h [code]EAP server/peer: Shared EAP definitions
eap_fast.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-FAST (draft-cam-winget-eap-fast-03.txt)
eap_gpsk.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-GPSK (draft-ietf-emu-eap-gpsk-01.txt)
eap_gpsk_common.c [code]EAP server/peer: EAP-GPSK shared routines
eap_gpsk_common.h [code]EAP server/peer: EAP-GPSK shared routines
eap_gtc.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-GTC (RFC 3748)
eap_i.h [code]EAP peer state machines internal structures (RFC 4137)
eap_leap.c [code]EAP peer method: LEAP
eap_md5.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-MD5 (RFC 3748 and RFC 1994)
eap_methods.c [code]EAP peer: Method registration
eap_methods.h [code]EAP peer: Method registration
eap_mschapv2.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-MSCHAPV2 (draft-kamath-pppext-eap-mschapv2-00.txt)
eap_otp.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-OTP (RFC 3748)
eap_pax.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-PAX (draft-clancy-eap-pax-11.txt)
eap_pax_common.c [code]EAP server/peer: EAP-PAX shared routines
eap_pax_common.h [code]EAP server/peer: EAP-PAX shared routines
eap_peap.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-PEAP (draft-josefsson-pppext-eap-tls-eap-07.txt)
eap_psk.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-PSK (draft-bersani-eap-psk-11.txt)
eap_psk_common.c [code]EAP server/peer: EAP-PSK shared routines
eap_psk_common.h [code]EAP server/peer: EAP-PSK shared routines
eap_sake.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-SAKE (RFC 4763)
eap_sake_common.c [code]EAP server/peer: EAP-SAKE shared routines
eap_sake_common.h [code]EAP server/peer: EAP-SAKE shared routines
eap_sim.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-SIM (RFC 4186)
eap_sim_common.c [code]EAP peer: EAP-SIM/AKA shared routines
eap_sim_common.h [code]EAP peer: EAP-SIM/AKA shared routines
eap_tls.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-TLS (RFC 2716)
eap_tls_common.c [code]EAP peer: EAP-TLS/PEAP/TTLS/FAST common functions
eap_tls_common.h [code]EAP peer: EAP-TLS/PEAP/TTLS/FAST common functions
eap_tlv.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-TLV (draft-josefsson-pppext-eap-tls-eap-07.txt)
eap_tlv.h [code]EAP peer method: EAP-TLV (draft-josefsson-pppext-eap-tls-eap-07.txt)
eap_ttls.c [code]EAP peer method: EAP-TTLS (draft-ietf-pppext-eap-ttls-03.txt)
eap_ttls.h [code]EAP server/peer: EAP-TTLS (draft-ietf-pppext-eap-ttls-03.txt)
eap_vendor_test.c [code]EAP peer method: Test method for vendor specific (expanded) EAP type
eapol_sm.c [code]WPA Supplicant / EAPOL state machines
eapol_sm.h [code]WPA Supplicant / EAPOL state machines
eapol_test.c [code]WPA Supplicant - test code
eloop.c [code]Event loop based on select() loop
eloop.h [code]Event loop
eloop_none.c [code]Event loop - empty template (basic structure, but no OS specific operations)
eloop_win.c [code]Event loop based on Windows events and WaitForMultipleObjects
events.c [code]WPA Supplicant - Driver event processing
hostapd.h [code]
includes.h [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd - Default include files
l2_packet.h [code]WPA Supplicant - Layer2 packet interface definition
l2_packet_freebsd.c [code]WPA Supplicant - Layer2 packet handling with FreeBSD
l2_packet_linux.c [code]WPA Supplicant - Layer2 packet handling with Linux packet sockets
l2_packet_ndis.c [code]WPA Supplicant - Layer2 packet handling with Microsoft NDISUIO
l2_packet_none.c [code]WPA Supplicant - Layer2 packet handling example with dummy functions
l2_packet_pcap.c [code]WPA Supplicant - Layer2 packet handling with libpcap/libdnet and WinPcap
l2_packet_winpcap.c [code]WPA Supplicant - Layer2 packet handling with WinPcap RX thread
libtommath.c [code]Minimal code for RSA support from LibTomMath 0.3.9 http://math.libtomcrypt.com/ http://math.libtomcrypt.com/files/ltm-0.39.tar.bz2 This library was released in public domain by Tom St Denis
main.c [code]WPA Supplicant / main() function for UNIX like OSes and MinGW
main_none.c [code]WPA Supplicant / Example program entrypoint
main_winmain.c [code]WPA Supplicant / WinMain() function for Windows-based applications
main_winsvc.c [code]WPA Supplicant / main() function for Win32 service
md4.c [code]MD4 hash implementation
md5.c [code]MD5 hash implementation and interface functions
md5.h [code]MD5 hash implementation and interface functions
mlme.c [code]WPA Supplicant - Client mode MLME
mlme.h [code]WPA Supplicant - Client mode MLME
ms_funcs.c [code]WPA Supplicant / shared MSCHAPV2 helper functions / RFC 2433 / RFC 2759
ms_funcs.h [code]WPA Supplicant / shared MSCHAPV2 helper functions / RFC 2433 / RFC 2759
ndis_events.c [code]Ndis_events - Receive NdisMIndicateStatus() events using WMI
os.h [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd / OS specific functions
os_internal.c [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd / Internal implementation of OS specific functions
os_none.c [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd / Empty OS specific functions
os_unix.c [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd / OS specific functions for UNIX/POSIX systems
os_win32.c [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd / OS specific functions for Win32 systems
pcsc_funcs.c [code]WPA Supplicant / PC/SC smartcard interface for USIM, GSM SIM
pcsc_funcs.h [code]WPA Supplicant / PC/SC smartcard interface for USIM, GSM SIM
pmksa_cache.c [code]WPA Supplicant - RSN PMKSA cache
pmksa_cache.h [code]Wpa_supplicant - WPA2/RSN PMKSA cache functions
preauth.c [code]WPA Supplicant - RSN pre-authentication
preauth.h [code]Wpa_supplicant - WPA2/RSN pre-authentication functions
preauth_test.c [code]WPA Supplicant - test code for pre-authentication
priv_netlink.h [code]Wpa_supplicant - Private copy of Linux netlink/rtnetlink definitions
radius.c [code]Hostapd / RADIUS message processing
radius.h [code]Hostapd / RADIUS message processing
radius_client.c [code]Hostapd / RADIUS client
radius_client.h [code]Hostapd / RADIUS client
rc4.c [code]RC4 stream cipher
rc4.h [code]RC4 stream cipher
rsa.c [code]RSA
rsa.h [code]RSA
sha1.c [code]SHA1 hash implementation and interface functions
sha1.h [code]SHA1 hash implementation and interface functions
sha256.c [code]SHA-256 hash implementation and interface functions
sha256.h [code]SHA256 hash implementation and interface functions
state_machine.h [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd - State machine definitions
tls.h [code]WPA Supplicant / SSL/TLS interface definition
tls_gnutls.c [code]WPA Supplicant / SSL/TLS interface functions for openssl
tls_internal.c [code]WPA Supplicant / TLS interface functions and an internal TLS implementation
tls_none.c [code]WPA Supplicant / SSL/TLS interface functions for no TLS case
tls_openssl.c [code]WPA Supplicant / SSL/TLS interface functions for openssl
tls_schannel.c [code]WPA Supplicant / SSL/TLS interface functions for Microsoft Schannel
tlsv1_client.c [code]Wpa_supplicant: TLSv1 client (RFC 2246)
tlsv1_client.h [code]Wpa_supplicant: TLSv1 client (RFC 2246)
tlsv1_common.c [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd: TLSv1 common routines
tlsv1_common.h [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd: TLSv1 common definitions
version.h [code]
win_if_list.c [code]Win_if_list - Display network interfaces with description (for Windows)
wireless_copy.h [code]
wpa.c [code]WPA Supplicant - WPA state machine and EAPOL-Key processing
wpa.h [code]Wpa_supplicant - WPA definitions
wpa_cli.c [code]WPA Supplicant - command line interface for wpa_supplicant daemon
wpa_common.h [code]WPA definitions shared between hostapd and wpa_supplicant
wpa_ctrl.c [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd control interface library
wpa_ctrl.h [code]Wpa_supplicant/hostapd control interface library
wpa_i.h [code]Wpa_supplicant - Internal WPA state machine definitions
wpa_passphrase.c [code]WPA Supplicant - ASCII passphrase to WPA PSK tool
wpa_supplicant.c [code]WPA Supplicant
wpa_supplicant.h [code]Wpa_supplicant - Exported functions for wpa_supplicant modules
wpa_supplicant_i.h [code]Wpa_supplicant - Internal definitions
x509v3.c [code]X.509v3 certificate parsing and processing (RFC 3280 profile)
x509v3.h [code]X.509v3 certificate parsing and processing
doc/code_structure.doxygen [code]
doc/ctrl_iface.doxygen [code]
doc/driver_wrapper.doxygen [code]
doc/eap.doxygen [code]
doc/mainpage.doxygen [code]
doc/porting.doxygen [code]
doc/testing_tools.doxygen [code]
tests/test_aes.c [code]Test program for AES
tests/test_eap_sim_common.c [code]Test program for EAP-SIM PRF
tests/test_md4.c [code]Test program for MD4 (test vectors from RFC 1320)
tests/test_md5.c [code]Test program for MD5 (test vectors from RFC 1321)
tests/test_ms_funcs.c [code]Test program for ms_funcs
tests/test_sha1.c [code]Test program for SHA1 and MD5
tests/test_sha256.c [code]Test program for SHA256
tests/test_x509v3.c [code]Testing tool for X.509v3 routines
wpa_gui-qt4/eventhistory.h [code]Wpa_gui - EventHistory class
wpa_gui-qt4/networkconfig.h [code]Wpa_gui - NetworkConfig class
wpa_gui-qt4/scanresults.h [code]Wpa_gui - ScanResults class
wpa_gui-qt4/userdatarequest.h [code]Wpa_gui - UserDataRequest class
wpa_gui-qt4/wpagui.h [code]Wpa_gui - WpaGui class
wpa_gui-qt4/wpamsg.h [code]Wpa_gui - WpaMsg class for storing event messages
wpa_gui/eventhistory.ui.h [code]
wpa_gui/networkconfig.ui.h [code]
wpa_gui/scanresults.ui.h [code]
wpa_gui/userdatarequest.ui.h [code]
wpa_gui/wpagui.ui.h [code]
wpa_gui/wpamsg.h [code]

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