wpa_supplicant Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
eap_configConfiguration for EAP state machine
eap_methodEAP method interface
eap_method_retEAP return values from struct eap_method::process()
eap_smEAP state machine data
eapol_callbacksCallback functions from EAP to lower layer
eapol_configPer network configuration for EAPOL state machines
eapol_ctxGlobal (for all networks) EAPOL state machine context
eapol_smInternal data for EAPOL state machines
rsn_pmksa_cache_entryPMKSA cache entry
tls_connection_paramsParameters for TLS connection
wpa_configWpa_supplicant configuration data
wpa_config_blobNamed configuration blob
wpa_ctrlInternal structure for control interface library
wpa_ctrl_dstInternal data structure of control interface clients
wpa_driver_associate_paramsAssociation parameters
wpa_driver_capaDriver capability information
wpa_driver_opsDriver interface API definition
wpa_event_data::assoc_infoData for EVENT_ASSOC and EVENT_ASSOCINFO events
wpa_event_data::interface_statusData for EVENT_INTERFACE_STATUS
wpa_event_data::michael_mic_failureData for EVENT_MICHAEL_MIC_FAILURE
wpa_event_data::pmkid_candidateData for EVENT_PMKID_CANDIDATE
wpa_event_data::stkstartData for EVENT_STKSTART
wpa_globalInternal, global data for all wpa_supplicant interfaces
wpa_interfaceParameters for wpa_supplicant_add_iface()
wpa_paramsParameters for wpa_supplicant_init()
wpa_ptkWPA Pairwise Transient Key
wpa_scan_resultScan results
wpa_smInternal WPA state machine data
wpa_ssidNetwork configuration data
wpa_supplicantInternal data for wpa_supplicant interface

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