wpa_driver_associate_params Struct Reference

Association parameters. More...

#include <driver.h>

Public Types

 IEEE 802.11w management frame protection.

Data Fields

const u8 * bssid
 BSSID of the selected AP.
const u8 * ssid
 The selected SSID.
size_t ssid_len
int freq
 Frequency of the channel the selected AP is using.
const u8 * wpa_ie
 WPA information element for (Re)Association Request.
size_t wpa_ie_len
 length of the wpa_ie
wpa_cipher pairwise_suite
wpa_cipher group_suite
wpa_key_mgmt key_mgmt_suite
int auth_alg
 Allowed authentication algorithms.
int mode
 Operation mode (infra/ibss) IEEE80211_MODE_*.
const u8 * wep_key [4]
 WEP keys for static WEP configuration.
size_t wep_key_len [4]
 WEP key length for static WEP configuration.
int wep_tx_keyidx
 WEP TX key index for static WEP configuration.
enum wpa_driver_associate_params:: { ... }  mgmt_frame_protection
 IEEE 802.11w management frame protection.

Detailed Description

Association parameters.

Data for struct wpa_driver_ops::associate().

Definition at line 77 of file driver.h.

Field Documentation

int wpa_driver_associate_params::auth_alg

Allowed authentication algorithms.

Bit field of AUTH_ALG_*

Definition at line 134 of file driver.h.

const u8* wpa_driver_associate_params::bssid

BSSID of the selected AP.

This can be NULL, if ap_scan=2 mode is used and the driver is responsible for selecting with which BSS to associate.

Definition at line 83 of file driver.h.

int wpa_driver_associate_params::freq

Frequency of the channel the selected AP is using.

Frequency that the selected AP is using (in MHz as reported in the scan results)

Definition at line 98 of file driver.h.

const u8* wpa_driver_associate_params::wpa_ie

WPA information element for (Re)Association Request.

WPA information element to be included in (Re)Association Request (including information element id and length). Use of this WPA IE is optional. If the driver generates the WPA IE, it can use pairwise_suite, group_suite, and key_mgmt_suite to select proper algorithms. In this case, the driver has to notify wpa_supplicant about the used WPA IE by generating an event that the interface code will convert into EVENT_ASSOCINFO data (see wpa_supplicant.h). When using WPA2/IEEE 802.11i, wpa_ie is used for RSN IE instead. The driver can determine which version is used by looking at the first byte of the IE (0xdd for WPA, 0x30 for WPA2/RSN).

Definition at line 116 of file driver.h.

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