eapol_config Struct Reference

Per network configuration for EAPOL state machines. More...

#include <eapol_sm.h>

Data Fields

int accept_802_1x_keys
 Accept IEEE 802.1X (non-WPA) EAPOL-Key frames.
int required_keys
 Which EAPOL-Key packets are required.
int fast_reauth
 Whether fast EAP reauthentication is enabled.
unsigned int workaround
 Whether EAP workarounds are enabled.
int eap_disabled
 Whether EAP is disabled.

Detailed Description

Per network configuration for EAPOL state machines.

Definition at line 28 of file eapol_sm.h.

Field Documentation

int eapol_config::accept_802_1x_keys

Accept IEEE 802.1X (non-WPA) EAPOL-Key frames.

This variable should be set to 1 when using EAPOL state machines with non-WPA security policy to generate dynamic WEP keys. When using WPA, this should be set to 0 so that WPA state machine can process the EAPOL-Key frames.

Definition at line 38 of file eapol_sm.h.

int eapol_config::required_keys

Which EAPOL-Key packets are required.

This variable determines which EAPOL-Key packets are required before marking connection authenticated. This is a bit field of EAPOL_REQUIRE_KEY_UNICAST and EAPOL_REQUIRE_KEY_BROADCAST flags.

Definition at line 50 of file eapol_sm.h.

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