wpa_sm Struct Reference

Internal WPA state machine data. More...

#include <wpa_i.h>

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Data Fields

u8 pmk [PMK_LEN]
size_t pmk_len
wpa_ptk ptk tptk
int ptk_set
int tptk_set
u8 snonce [WPA_NONCE_LEN]
u8 anonce [WPA_NONCE_LEN]
int renew_snonce
u8 rx_replay_counter [WPA_REPLAY_COUNTER_LEN]
int rx_replay_counter_set
u8 request_counter [WPA_REPLAY_COUNTER_LEN]
rsn_pmksa_cache * pmksa
rsn_pmksa_candidate * pmksa_candidates
l2_packet_data * l2_preauth
l2_packet_data * l2_preauth_br
u8 preauth_bssid [ETH_ALEN]
wpa_sm_ctx * ctx
void * scard_ctx
int fast_reauth
u8 own_addr [ETH_ALEN]
const char * ifname
const char * bridge_ifname
u8 bssid [ETH_ALEN]
unsigned int dot11RSNAConfigPMKLifetime
unsigned int dot11RSNAConfigPMKReauthThreshold
unsigned int dot11RSNAConfigSATimeout
unsigned int dot11RSNA4WayHandshakeFailures
unsigned int proto
unsigned int pairwise_cipher
unsigned int group_cipher
unsigned int key_mgmt
unsigned int mgmt_group_cipher
u8 * assoc_wpa_ie
size_t assoc_wpa_ie_len
u8 * ap_wpa_ie
u8 * ap_rsn_ie
size_t ap_wpa_ie_len
size_t ap_rsn_ie_len

Detailed Description

Internal WPA state machine data.

Definition at line 81 of file wpa_i.h.

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